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Giving Back: Coast II Coast

Coast II Coast is a 501c3 who’s made it its mission to honor fallen U.S. Special Operation Forces. The story starts over a decade ago, overseas.

In October of 2012, a team of Special Operations members raided a house in northern Afghanistan in search of a High-Value Individual (HVI). Immediately after their helicopters landed, the team came under intense machine gun fire. In an effort to suppress the threat and defend his teammates, Ryan Savard rushed toward the source of the attack. He lost his life defending his team so they could reach their helicopters and escape to safety. Two other team members were wounded that night while attempting to provide medical aid to Ryan.

While deployed in Northern Iraq in mid-2014, soldiers Cris Valley and Jason Buck were determined to find a way to honor the memory of their friend Ryan, as well as support those who have lost loved ones in combat. Out of this love for their friend and others experiencing similar loss, Coast x Coast Ride for the Fallen was born.

Once the deployment was over, they took action and organized the first Ride For the Fallen, which took place in September 2014.

At First Breach, Inc., the heavy burden that our men and women have paid over the decades of war and counterterrorism is not lost on us. In fact, our team has decades of combined military service to our great country. First Breach is proud to support all of its veterans and companies like Coast II Coast, who help soldiers and their families after they’ve left the field of battle.

Please consider supporting this incredible organization – you can donate or learn more at