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American Made vs. Import

Having 10+ years of public and private experience in the 2A industry, I am no stranger to the ‘products are cheaper overseas’ argument. I’m sure many of you in 2A have, at some point, dealt with or been a party to procuring products from overseas. A great idea on paper, but let’s take a closer look at how that process typically plays out… 

Procurement overseas typically demands advance payment of a substantial (sometimes even entire) portion of the order value. And unless you inspect the process and finished product in person, which can be costly, you trust your supplier’s honesty. After you’ve submitted your advance payment, a foreign entity or government needs to authorize the movement of the goods. This process often includes an in-country agent fee and the possibility of a 2 to 4-month lead time at best. If you’re not willing to wait, you can try your luck pursuing your invested capital from an overseas entity.   

Finally, you’ve overcome all of these obstacles, and your product is ready to ship – time to deal with US import regulations and shipping. Customs and brokerage fees (as well as rising transportation and insurance costs) can be daunting. Don’t forget about your ATF Form 6 or other documentation for the Department of Commerce or State Department. Now, your product is on the water destined for your chosen port. After patiently awaiting customs clearance, you transport the product to your facility and verify the order. Assuming you got what you paid for, you can finally utilize your long-awaited products! However, after considering all those real fees, real time, and VERY real stress, you likely paid significantly more than you initially anticipated. And we won’t even begin discussing what happens if your supplier never delivers.  

First Breach manufactures daily in the USA, so there is always product in stock. If you want to verify the quality of our products before purchasing, great! We gladly invite qualified parties to tour our facility and meet our team. And being located in Hagerstown, MD, USA, makes for an easier and cost-effective trip than going overseas. This convenient location also benefits our contract clients that are procuring product monthly. If you’re under contract for 10,000,000+ components every month, there’s no need to wait until your order is complete! As I mentioned, we’re manufacturing daily! We welcome you to pick up part of your monthly order early; no need to wait for a completed order. As a US manufacturer, First Breach mitigates the difficulty of dealing with international shipping and importation. Simply order and receive!