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Veteran Respect

While I did not serve in the military nor did I come from a military family, I recently experienced a brief glimpse of what it means to be from that world. The moment I knew that I was attending the A.U.S.A (Association of the United States Army) show this October, I was instantly curious and excited! It was my first time attending a conference within our industry, and I had it all planned out in my mind. I anticipated learning as much as possible about the products and organizations I came across. My mission was to explain First Breach’s products, values, and capabilities to prospective industry partners. As I departed Boston for Washington DC, our nation’s capital, a subconscious rush of patriotism overcame me, and I was ready.  

On the show’s first day, I entered the convention floor with two friends, one of whom was a coworker at First Breach. Both of these individuals are proud veterans of the U.S Army. Within the first 100 feet, we had encountered half a dozen Army veterans that my friends knew from their military careers. Each interaction was a microcosm of what it truly means to be a veteran and the connections made therein. When their eyes made contact, they embraced each other with smiles, hugs, and genuine excitement. They spoke about their current jobs and positions and all about their families. The sincerity and care between the members of this group were apparent, particularly when showing visible concern when speaking about their mutual “Brothers” who were currently suffering. Each interaction reflected these amazing humans’ emotions and passion for life. I knew then that the experience that I was about to have would trump any academic learning. For the next three days, I was fortunate to encounter some of the world’s most skilled warriors and advanced technology. Every person I met from the U.S Armed Services branches treated me with the utmost respect.  

My recent experience has influenced and re-shaped my view of what it means to respect those who have served our great country. I urge everyone to engage with military veterans and thank them for their service. I assure you, thanking our servicepeople never gets old. Our thanks show well-earned humanity and kindness to these heroes who personally risked and sacrificed for our country. I am blessed to work for First Breach with some of the best people in our industry, and the new friendships I’ve formed have given me an incredible new perspective on why we do what we do and who we do it for.  

A very big thank you to all of the service people of the armed forces of the United States of America! We at First Breach salute you!