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Workplace Culture

Over the past six months, we have been ramping up our hiring! A big part of our growth as a team has been our approach to training. This is especially the case for our Machine Operators. Each new operator gets to train with our Lead Supervisors to understand the machines they will be operating and the culture of our company including the gravity of safety and quality in all we do. After a few days, our new operators work with our more seasoned operators to dig even deeper into the use and care of the machines.  

One of our first Machine Operators, Jake Hohenstern, remarked when asked about training, “I look forward to coming in everyday, because I enjoy the challenge of training the next group of expert technicians.” I share Jake’s excitement. I’m continuously impressed by the conviction he brings to training up our team in professionalism and precision. And I, personally, am thankful that our company values training so highly. 

Beyond that, there’s an entirely separate element outside the business in how we view each other simply as people. We are a family here at First Breach. I am a better Lead Supervisor because of the relationships we foster, the traditions we create, and the stories we share.  

One of my favorite traditions is sharing stories about our lives and experiences before joining First Breach. It helps us understand where we came from and where we see ourselves fitting into First Breach.  

I enjoyed getting to know the team on this deeper level. We talk about many things, like machines we’ve operated, our families, faiths, and hobbies. And, of course, we bonded over ammunition and firearms, the Second Amendment, and politics.  

I am sincerely grateful for the richness of our corporate culture; it informs everything we do.