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5.56 NATO New Brass Casings

Category: CasingsSize: 5.56Metal: Brass
Cost: $ 29.99

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First Breach casings consist of new, premium brass and made from scratch by high precision machining in the USA. For every casing, First Breach produces its own brass cups from new, premium brass strip, in the USA, which are drawn into finished casings. Each and every production line includes a series of quality control checkpoints. All of First Breach’s products are qualified through First Breach’s MOCs (Match-grade Ocular Checkpoints) as well as our MLTs (Match-grade Laser Terminals), which utilize more than a dozen lasers and a 3D imaging system to measure the specifications and composition of every single unit. In addition to these checkpoints, First Breach pulls units from its lines every 15 minutes to perform further tests in our QA (Quality Assurance) laboratory. First Breach’s process ensures that each casing operates at match-grade performance, has consistent tolerances and reliability, and mitigates variances.    

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70/30 copper to zinc ratio Match-grade quality SAAMI Specification


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