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Starting Something New

Standing in my friendly local FFL, I saw what all of us have seen over the past few years: empty ammo shelves. I went to the range to buy what I could get my hands on, and after using several brands I wasn’t previously familiar with, it didn’t take long to see some ammunition is simply better than others.  

The quality of the ammo my groups used varied significantly, resulting in vastly different outcomes each time I changed brands. I’m not one to blame my tools, but the lack of consistency was ridiculous. I count on my firearms and the ammunition I put in them to protect myself and those around me. I never want to jeopardize my family, friends, or community with unreliable ammunition – and I know I’m not alone. Everyone wants a product they can rely on when it counts! 

At the start of 2022, I grabbed hold of the opportunity to be a part of First Breach. I knew I could raise the bar on reliable ammunition in my own small way, and I am so proud to provide precision components for American gun owners and their families. First Breach’s commitment to quality and safety is unmatched in the industry, and I believe that other folks like myself will feel much more confident with our products at their side. 

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American Made vs. Import

Having 10+ years of public and private experience in the 2A industry, I am no stranger to the ‘products are cheaper overseas’ argument. I’m sure many of you in 2A have, at some point, dealt with or been a party to procuring products from overseas. A great idea on paper, but let’s take a closer look at how that process typically plays out… 

Procurement overseas typically demands advance payment of a substantial (sometimes even entire) portion of the order value. And unless you inspect the process and finished product in person, which can be costly, you trust your supplier’s honesty. After you’ve submitted your advance payment, a foreign entity or government needs to authorize the movement of the goods. This process often includes an in-country agent fee and the possibility of a 2 to 4-month lead time at best. If you’re not willing to wait, you can try your luck pursuing your invested capital from an overseas entity.   

Finally, you’ve overcome all of these obstacles, and your product is ready to ship – time to deal with US import regulations and shipping. Customs and brokerage fees (as well as rising transportation and insurance costs) can be daunting. Don’t forget about your ATF Form 6 or other documentation for the Department of Commerce or State Department. Now, your product is on the water destined for your chosen port. After patiently awaiting customs clearance, you transport the product to your facility and verify the order. Assuming you got what you paid for, you can finally utilize your long-awaited products! However, after considering all those real fees, real time, and VERY real stress, you likely paid significantly more than you initially anticipated. And we won’t even begin discussing what happens if your supplier never delivers.  

First Breach manufactures daily in the USA, so there is always product in stock. If you want to verify the quality of our products before purchasing, great! We gladly invite qualified parties to tour our facility and meet our team. And being located in Hagerstown, MD, USA, makes for an easier and cost-effective trip than going overseas. This convenient location also benefits our contract clients that are procuring product monthly. If you’re under contract for 10,000,000+ components every month, there’s no need to wait until your order is complete! As I mentioned, we’re manufacturing daily! We welcome you to pick up part of your monthly order early; no need to wait for a completed order. As a US manufacturer, First Breach mitigates the difficulty of dealing with international shipping and importation. Simply order and receive!

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The human body is a fantastic machine, unlike any other life form. It’s the mind that will quit….

There was a time when I was very disappointed to be serving in the U.S. Army. I intended to go to ETS, go back to MO, and change the course of my life. One of my former leaders heard that I planned to leave the Army and called me to ask why I’d made that decision. I told him my reasons, and having already gone to a Special Missions Unit a few years prior himself, he invited me to follow that path as well. I told him I still intended to execute my plan and head home. He replied, “Don’t sit on your couch at age 60, wondering if you could have done it. Don’t discount your abilities. Let them tell you that you are not good enough. Then fix yourself and do it again till you succeed.

I think of this moment often and let its message sink in. Don’t quit- keep moving forward. Keep building and creating. Keep going. I can’t think of where I would be had that moment not happened. It changed my life forever. Use this as the drive you need to keep succeeding. Similarly, First Breach won’t quit in its goals of excellence and elite customer satisfaction.

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Giving Back: Coast II Coast

Coast II Coast is a 501c3 who’s made it its mission to honor fallen U.S. Special Operation Forces. The story starts over a decade ago, overseas.

In October of 2012, a team of Special Operations members raided a house in northern Afghanistan in search of a High-Value Individual (HVI). Immediately after their helicopters landed, the team came under intense machine gun fire. In an effort to suppress the threat and defend his teammates, Ryan Savard rushed toward the source of the attack. He lost his life defending his team so they could reach their helicopters and escape to safety. Two other team members were wounded that night while attempting to provide medical aid to Ryan.

While deployed in Northern Iraq in mid-2014, soldiers Cris Valley and Jason Buck were determined to find a way to honor the memory of their friend Ryan, as well as support those who have lost loved ones in combat. Out of this love for their friend and others experiencing similar loss, Coast x Coast Ride for the Fallen was born.

Once the deployment was over, they took action and organized the first Ride For the Fallen, which took place in September 2014.

At First Breach, Inc., the heavy burden that our men and women have paid over the decades of war and counterterrorism is not lost on us. In fact, our team has decades of combined military service to our great country. First Breach is proud to support all of its veterans and companies like Coast II Coast, who help soldiers and their families after they’ve left the field of battle.

Please consider supporting this incredible organization – you can donate or learn more at

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Celebrating Labor Day at First Breach

As we wrap up our Labor Day celebrations, this is an excellent time to celebrate the integral work of all who make First Breach possible. As a start-up, we don’t take anything for granted – especially our people. Everyone on the First Breach team gives their all, every day, without exception. Dignity, integrity, and perseverance are the foundation of who we are, personally and professionally. Our safety, productivity, and quality excellence would be impossible without these cornerstones.

All our products are manufactured here in the United States. Our craftsmanship, ingenuity, and processes are strengthened by the American spirit. We celebrate the hard-working Americans who keep manufacturing the world’s gold standard, and First Breach is proud to do its part.

-Pete Geofrrion, Lead Supervisor First Breach

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Meet CJ Dugan, Senior Vice President of Business Development

MSG CJ Dugan entered service on 4 Nov 1996. He enlisted into the U.S. Army as a Combat Engineer and was assigned to the 70th Engineer Battalion at Ft. Riley, KS. He was the youngest PFC ever to earn the Sapper Tab, finishing top of his class. In 1998, he was accepted by the United States Army Special Forces Regiment, earning the Distinguished Honor Graduate for the Special Forces Engineer course. He was assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group, where he spent two and a half years in South America working Counter-Narcotics and Foreign Internal Defense missions. During this time, he became a Level 1 Sniper at Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC) and qualified to join the Commanders In-Extremis Force (CIF). In 2004, MSG CJ Dugan was assigned to a Special Missions Unit as an operator. He conducted eleven combat deployments in various countries. MSG CJ Dugan conducted over 1,200 Direct Action Missions while deployed in support of the Global War on Terrorism and earned the Distinguished Honor Graduate award at the Special Forces Advance Non-Commissioned Officer Course. He was assigned as the NCOIC of the United States Army Special Forces Command (A) Force Modernization Cell where he managed 14 NCOs and a total of a $2.9B portfolio. He concluded his 20-year career in December of 2016.  

Post retirement from the U.S. Army, CJ Dugan consulted with industry leaders such as Gemtech, L3, and Smith & Wesson for U.S. Government contracts. CJ signed on with Maxim Defense Industries, LLC for a Business Development roll in July 2018. Since that time, he has built an International, Government, Military, and Law Enforcement team that would secure a multitude of contracts worldwide and achieve 300% annual growth. As of May 2022, CJ has signed on as the Senior V.P. of Business Development with First Breach. He and his wife, Laurie Ann, currently reside in the mountains of western North Carolina.  

His awards are as follows: Parachutist Badge, Military Freefall Parachutists Badge, Military Freefall Jumpmaster, Combat Infantry Badge, Sapper Tab, Ranger Tab, Special Forces Tab, Army Service Ribbon, Non-Commissioned Officer Ribbon (3), Global War on Terrorism Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal (3), Army Accommodation Medal (4), Joint Service Accommodation Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Air Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal (4) with Valor Device, Meritorious Service Medal, Purple Heart, Bronze Star Medal (4) with Valor Device. 

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FB Mentioned on

The First Breach team was excited to release the article, which offered the first look into their new facility and upcoming production. First Breach has practiced the idea of putting its money where its mouth is. They did not want to be simply purporting plans or desires for their own company; instead, they wanted tangible and near-complete progress. First Breach wants the public and future customers to know that they are an honest and serious player in this market. They are proud of their facility, proud of their rapid progress, and proud to be manufacturing match-grade quality products in the USA. First Breach is very excited to be on track to begin production in August, which is a major step not only for them but for all of the individuals and companies that are eagerly awaiting components.

First Breach’s new website and e-commerce platform will also launch in August. First Breach has several significant developments on the horizon and invites everyone to join them on their journey. You can follow their updates on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & TikTok!

View the article here.