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American Made vs. Import

Having 10+ years of public and private experience in the 2A industry, I am no stranger to the ‘products are cheaper overseas’ argument. I’m sure many of you in 2A have, at some point, dealt with or been a party to procuring products from overseas. A great idea on paper, but let’s take a closer […]


The human body is a fantastic machine, unlike any other life form. It’s the mind that will quit…. There was a time when I was very disappointed to be serving in the U.S. Army. I intended to go to ETS, go back to MO, and change the course of my life. One of my former […]

Giving Back: Coast II Coast

Coast II Coast is a 501c3 who’s made it its mission to honor fallen U.S. Special Operation Forces. The story starts over a decade ago, overseas. In October of 2012, a team of Special Operations members raided a house in northern Afghanistan in search of a High-Value Individual (HVI). Immediately after their helicopters landed, the […]

Celebrating Labor Day at First Breach

As we wrap up our Labor Day celebrations, this is an excellent time to celebrate the integral work of all who make First Breach possible. As a start-up, we don’t take anything for granted – especially our people. Everyone on the First Breach team gives their all, every day, without exception. Dignity, integrity, and perseverance […]

Meet CJ Dugan, Senior Vice President of Business Development

MSG CJ Dugan entered service on 4 Nov 1996. He enlisted into the U.S. Army as a Combat Engineer and was assigned to the 70th Engineer Battalion at Ft. Riley, KS. He was the youngest PFC ever to earn the Sapper Tab…

FB Mentioned on

The First Breach team was excited to release the article, which offered the first look into their new facility and upcoming production. First Breach has practiced the idea of putting its money where its mouth is. They did not want to be simply purporting plans or desires for their own company; instead, they wanted […]